Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recipe Review

I have tried my first recipe from the book "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld. I bought the book a while ago, because I liked the concept, but didn't make anything due to the fact that Adona is only 11 months and 29 days old. (HA!) Adona is finally old enough for me to try out these recipes on her, so I pick Tofu Nuggets as the first recipe.
I was expecting it to take a while to make and wasn't sure how the puree (I used peas) would stick to the tofu and how it would taste. I was surprised at how quickly I made this. It probably took me 15 minutes to make with a child holding onto my leg. The puree stuck great and Adona loved them. In the recipe she has you cut the tofu into cube, but I thought Adona would do better with sticks. The tofu is very delicate, so it didn't work the way I thought it would and will do it in cubes next time. I defiantly will make these again, since it is a great protein.

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